Bearer of the curse

Do people actually read random descriptions of random people on tumblr?

HxH Characters: Hisoka

How it feels to be an Hunter x Hunter fan right now

According to this crunchyroll article, Madhouse will wrap up Hunter x Hunter with 148 episodes. With only six more episodes to go.

I know Togashi has his reason for the two-year hiatus, but I can’t help but feel frustrated after hearing this news, because Madhouse would be planning the Dark Continent arc right now if Togashi hadn’t gone on a long hiatus. I guess there’s just not enough material to animate the current manga arc.

That said, I’m grateful to Togashi for giving us such an amazing story. But it was Madhouse’s hxh that made me a big hxh fan. It’s been an amazing ride with many smiles and tears, thank you Madhouse. I’m forever grateful.

Ah well, it’s almost over… What to do now?

The Zoldyck family is considered to be by far the deadliest and most infamous assassins in the world.

"Was that on purpose?"

“Certainly not.”

I’ll always be with you!

"Who are you?"

"A magician who wishes to stay anonymous."

JoJo's Bizzarre Adventure (Stardust Crusaders) OST - 09 - Virtuous Pope

"Gon’s fighting for his life…Where are you, and what are you doing? Why won’t you answer your phone, Kurapika?"